Jet Engine Test Cells and Gas Turbine Silencers

The competence of Eckel acoustical engineers in the field of jet engine sound suppression has long been recognized by aircraft engine manufacturers. Eckel Industries provides complete service from initial planning and design through installation and testing.

Silencing gas turbine installations in industrial, military, and comercial environments requires the attenuation of noise from the turbine's atmospheric inlet and exhaust openings.

Eckel Silencers are custom engineered to ensure optimum acoustic performance and superior aerodynamic characteristics. They are prefabricated and can be erected in the field, are maintenance free, and will give a lifetime of useful service.

Silencer Basics

The silencing of gas turbine installations in industrial environments is basically a problem of attenuating the noise from the atmospheric inlet and the exhaust openings. In installations in residential and rural areas, the sound from the gas turbine enclosure, auxiliaries, and driven equipment also must be considered in the silencing program.

Eckel Industries was awarded the Small Business Inovation Research (SBIR) contract by the United States Navy for active and active/passive hybrid noise control silencers for gas turbine engines in conjunction with BBN Systems and technologies.