Eckoustic Functional Panels are high performance, sound-absorbing, fire resistant panels which can be spot located on walls or ceilings to achieve effective noise control.

EFPs are independent units that can be put into place without disturbing existing utilities. Picture_137bEFPs provide multi-functional and adaptive acoustic control and do so at considerably less cost than conventional continuous ceiling or wall treatment.

EFPs are Ideal for correcting noise problems in: 

  • Gymnasiums, swimming pools, weight rooms and similar recreational facilities
  • Water Treament Plants
  • Auditoriums and Theaters
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Police & Fire facilities
  • Factories, assembly, and production areas  
  • Restaurants
  • Band & Music rooms
  • Music & Television Studios
  • Churches, Synagogues and congregational buildings
  • Offices 
  • Subway stations and other rapid transit facilities


  •  To comply with OSHA Industrial Noise regulations many facilities require absorptive treatment as one of the elements of a total noise control program. EFPs provide a convenient, cost-effective method for meeting OSHA guidelines. Use of EFPs allows for  a better acoustic environment with a resulting reduction in speech, interference, fatigue, tension, and errors. 



Advanced Acoustic Construction

Our patented EFP design offers outstanding acoustical performance. "V" ridging improves sound absorption by holding the polyethylene encased acoustical fill away from the perforated metal face. In addition, the ridging increases the stiffness of the panel and aids in protecting the face from damage.


The panels maintain their excellent acoustic performance and structural integrity for years.


The architectural design harmonizes with the interiors of auditoriums, classrooms, swimming pools, factory areas, and most other places where people gather to work or relax. Finishes can be selected to blend or contrast with the interior.




Easy Practical Installation

Since the functional arrangement of the EFPs requires that less than 25-30% of the reflective surface be covered, the panels can be installed without relocating existing sprinklers, lights, or ventilation outlets.


EFPs offer superb sound absorption, and more sabines of sound absorption per square foot means fewer panels are required to achieve the desired results. And, less panels in turn means greater cost savings.

Low Maintenance

Panels require little or no maintenance. To clean they may be wiped down with common household surface cleaners or with warm water and liquid dishwasher detergent.


Reduction of reverberant noise in rooms is a function of the increase in the amount of sound absorption, as would be obtained through addition of EFPs. The noise reduction is"

NR = 10 log10 A 2 /A 1

Where NR = noise reduction (dB), A 1 = absorption before and A2 = absorption after treatment (sabins).

Reverberation time is calculated by the amount of time in seconds it takes a noise level to decay 60 dB. Desired reverberation time is selected from the graph and the additional absorption required is determined from the following formula:

Additional absorption = 0.05V/R T - A1


V = volume
Rt = desired reverberation time
At = absorption before treatment (sabins)

The number of panels required is determined by dividing the amount of additional absorption required by the sabins per panel at 500 Hz.

The graph to the right shows ranges of acceptable reverberation times at 500Hz. The lower portion of the band is most suitable for rooms intended primarily for speech, while the upper portion is better for music rooms. For general purpose rooms, a reverberation time in the middle portion of the band is recommended. For some more background information about reverberation, go to the reverberation page.

EFPs Mounting Detail

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